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                1. IVD Technology Launches Virtual Tradeshow and Conference
                  Author:Yestar      Time:2016-01-05

                  IVD Technology, the only trade media brand designed exclusively for manufacturers of in vitro diagnostic products, is launching its first annual?Virtual Conference and Tradeshow?to be held on September 28, 2010. The Virtual Conference and Tradeshow will give in vitro diagnostic OEMs multimedia, real-time access to leading suppliers and event speakers from anywhere in the world, without the stress and cost of travel.

                  As the only media provider dedicated exclusively to the in vitro diagnostics market,?IVD Technology?has the unique opportunity to be a bellwether for the market. Stephen Corrick, VP of Medical Device Media, said, “As leaders in the in vitro diagnostics space, our goal is to address the needs of this important audience across all relevant media channels. We had previously discussed an event of this nature as a someday project, but when our research showed that over 70% of?IVD Technology’s audience was interested in attending a virtual event we knew that someday had to be today.”

                  Sponsors for?IVD Technology’s Virtual Conference and Tradeshow are Biosearch Technologies and G&L Precision Die Cutting, LLC. Participating speakers include:

                  ? Keynote speaker, Alberto Gutierrez, PhD, Director, OIVD
                  ? Peter Lea, PhD, Founder and Chief Science Officer, SQI Diagnostics Inc.
                  ? Robin, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Associate Director of Clinical Chemistry, University of Virginia
                  ? Damon Getman, PhD, Senior Staff Scientist, Gen-Probe Inc.

                  IVD Technology’s Editor-in-Chief, Richard Park, commented, “The editorial team is thrilled to have a new media outlet to reach the in vitro diagnostics market. The experience and industry standing of each of our panelists augment the viability of this new medium to address the needs of our target audience. With the wide breadth of topics being covered – including regulation of IVDs, assay development, instrumentation and automation, and molecular diagnostics – this event is poised to be both an attention-getting and beneficial addition to?IVD Technology’s industry outreach.”


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